Master Overseas Property Investments from UK

Master Overseas Property Investments from UK

If you are considering buying a property overseas, it would be important to understand the local rules of where you want to buy. Looking into things, like tax, any permits, registration, and ownership rights will be crucial.


Spending time conducting research prior to buying will offer you a better footing. The UK government site has a host of information available for people interested in buying a property overseas, and this can often be a good starting point when conducting research.

If you do not speak or cannot read the language where you intend to buy a property, it would be a good idea to get some professional advice, such as translation services, there are also estate agents, and brokers who are bi-lingual and may be able to assist with providing you with documentation in English. 


As with a typical home purchase, you would also want to consider the amenities, and prospects for work prior to buying a home overseas. It would also be worthwhile researching after-purchase obligations, such as council tax equivalents, that the homeowner may have to pay for, or restrictions on what you can and cannot build, or change.

 Specialist Broker

As the process to buy a property overseas will vary dependent on the country, we would suggest speaking to an experienced broker who can guide you and advise you on your eligibility to secure a mortgage. We will also suggest speaking to a broker in the UK if you already own a property here and see if you are able to draw some equity from the property to potentially use a deposit for the overseas home.

It is important to note, that if you decide to take a mortgage out overseas, or if you decide to draw equity from a property that you already own, you will need to factor in any additional costs such as arrangement fees, overpayments, and interest payable.

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