Actionable Tips to Get Your House Sold Quickly in the UK

There could be several reasons to sell your property quickly, such as relocating due to work, downsizing, or upgrading. Whatever the reason, we wanted to offer some tips to get the ball rolling.

De-Clutter and Clean Inside and Out

This is a brainer, and to make a good impression on a prospective buyer, showing a clean home is a key selling point. Keeping it simple is necessary, if you can pack away any overly busy items like overpacked bookshelves, toys, shoes, and jackets, this can make a significant difference. Also having clear countertops in the kitchen not only makes the space appear larger, but also provides an empty canvas for prospective buyers to imagine their things in the space.

However, it is important not to overlook the finer details, such as curb appeal (the space out the front of your property), a lick of paint on a gate, dealing with any weeds, or touching up the paintwork on the front door can make an effective first impression of the home. Do not forget the backyard, trim overgrown grass, mend any fences, and tidy and de-clutter the space such as removing any bicycles, footballs, trampolines, ladders, and garden rakes.

Let in some Air – a fresh feel

Open your windows, and air out the property, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will help remove any musty smells. You can also get some natural deodorizing mist sprays, keep these to a neutral fragrance.

Quick Spruce Up – painting, and repairs

We cannot stress how a paint touch-up can make a significant difference to a property, and make a tired old garden gate look fresh, or stained kitchen walls look clean and well maintained.

Make it look Sellable

Step into a buyer’s shoes when unpacking this one. Think about the things that you would or would not want to see when viewing a potential property that you want to buy. We would suggest keeping the place clean, empty of clutter, and jiggle or store away some furniture if it helps to open out the space.

Also remove any scuff marks on skirting boards, and stains on carpets.

Are you ready to Sell your Home?

It is important to have all your paperwork ready and organized, this means, that you are ready to put an offer in for a new property or have organized the logistics, or move to any other property that you have.

If you intend to buy another property with the help of the sale of your current property and need to take a mortgage out to complete the purchase – then it will be a good idea to have a chat with an experienced mortgage broker.

Also do not forget to have a chat with your solicitor from a conveyancing perspective.

Estate Agent or Sell at Auction

Dependent on the urgency of the sale, you may opt for using an estate agent or auction to sell your house. There are pros and cons to both – auction properties may sell at a slightly lower price, or if you overinflate your reserve price, the property may not sell at all. But one of the key benefits of selling at auction is that when a winning bid has been accepted the buyer has 28 days to complete the purchase.

On the other hand, having your property listed with an estate agent may get you a higher price, but the process to sell may take longer, dependent on the method your estate agent uses to market your property.

Would you like to discuss your mortgage options?

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