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Marta Jackson

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Our Customers

When it became obvious I needed to buy a flat for my daughter earlier this year, I naturally turned to Sonny at Journey Mortgages. The case was not straight forward. As a director of a limited company making large pension contributions for tax efficiency, my taxable income is minimal. Many advisors would have given up. Not Sonny. He went on to research all the providers and found the perfect match for my situation.

Aline Shand

Shand Financial Planning Ltd

Having tried unsuccessfully to secure a mortgage last year with two different mortgage brokers I was understandably concerned about my options. You have provided me with invaluable practical advice to improve my financial situation and therefore increase my chances of securing a mortgage in the near future. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for an efficient and friendly service.

Jamie Glasspool

MD, computer2cloud

I asked Sonny if he would help me …. We talked … we did the paperwork and he did the maths …. Sonny was amazing … not just good …. AMAZING … he went way out of the call of duty …. He looked after me in a very respectful way …. I was in Arizona USA… 8 hours behind UK time …. HE GOT MY MORTGAGE and I kept my family home of 27 years …. the moral of this story is never giving up because there is always someone like Sonny that can help you … sonny is quietly amazing … he just doesn’t know just how much he can change lives …. thank you so much Sonny I’ll be eternally grateful …. ALWAYS …

Jackie Mitchell

Personal Trainer


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